Mustafa Bastaki's Photography

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  My name is Mustafa Bastaki. I come from Bahrain. A beginner photographer. I started into photography in mid 2011. My interest grew even more when I found out about Instagram. My first attempt was with a Blackberry 9700, shortly after that to an iPhone 3GS, then switching to a semi-pro Sony HX200V, and currently using a Nikon D5200.

 I usually look for my own angles. I try to capture things not many notice, specially in Street Photography. My specialities are: Black & White, Street, Nature, and Landscapes.

 I've learned the hard way that shooting with full manual control and RAW are the best way to make your photos look the best they can. My editing tools and softwares are: Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 3, also Luminance and Photomatix for HDR, and Snapseed for mobile editing.

The iPhone 5 is another device I enjoy for photography, because of its simplicity, size and easily take it wherever you go.

I have a strange love for old and abandoned houses, villages and locations. Basically doors and windows are what attract my eyes the most, specially if they were broken. Anything that brings out the culture and heritage of a country, whether old or new.

I received a certificate for participating in a photography contest held by the Northern Governate and Ministry of Social Developement called: "My Country Through My Lens", in December 2012 - January 2013.

 Curently studying Mechatronics Engineering.

You can follow me on Instagram, 500px and EyeEm: @myahya09

You can also contact me by email:

[email protected]
[email protected]